Doppelgänger Paul (or A Film About How Much I Hate Myself)

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Official Selection         2011 Toronto International Film Festival

                                      2011 Whistler Film Festival

                                      2012 Slamdance Film Festival

Follwing a near-death experience, Karl comes to believe that Paul is his doppelganger. When Karl finally reveals himself to Paul, a unique and troubled relationship begins to form, a relationship that is severely tested when Karl grants Paul the privilege of reading his 20, 000 page manuscript, A BOOK ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE MYSELF. When Karl’s book is published 17 months later in a vastly edited version credited to two other author/doppelgangers, Karl and Paul hit the road to confront the plagiarists but end up confronting themselves instead.

written by: kris elgstrand

directed by: dylan akio smith & kris elgstrand

produced by: oliver linsley & katherine hazen

shot by: craig trudeau & dylan akio smith

starring: tygh runyan, brad dryborough, ben cottonmatty finochio

produced with the whatever institute

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