jeff halliday

jeff halladay.

Jeff Halladay (aka Jeffro) born 1973,  a self taught artist, lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. Jeffro has chiseled a makeshift eyehole through the de-humanizing boredom wall. Peering through the hole he witnesses an endless stream of colorful influence which informs a multimedia body of work.

Collaborative projects include:
G.K.A (Grassy Knoll Association), Swamp Donkey,  Harvey Spannos, Machotaildrop, B.M.G (Bang Master Generals Warning)

Projects in the works:
Studies, epic Blastramp mural and also the forthcoming: "Chains" the movie .

The Pile is running deep.

Fifteen years of skateboard madness leads Jeffro to Bad Manors living quarters, and on to 855 E Pender secret location of the #1 Kitchen in the World. Beater bike lifestyle, no frills, free-thing enthusiast, sci-fi, horror, pre-historic Canadian psychodoodlia, death metal, gangster rap, T.V., Burger Island, beer and peanuts. His early works burnt-up in a studio fire above Mrs. Tees -- who cares, that's ok. Most notably he and some bros won 1 million dollars in a film contest at Sundance film fest. The million was spent up in the old-ass city of Budapest  w/ a group of friends whom with he previously made a hillbilly film. His recent collaborative effort, the episodic series "Bang Master Generals Warning,"  kicks Jeffro off in a fresh direction and informs his next decade of work in cinema. 2007's 'monstre mannequins,' 55 one-off mangled supermodel portraits were distributed in NYC.  "Studies," a daily practice that takes Jeffro out of the studio and into the street -- no location too crappy -- silent but violent, as not to disturb the observed, he draws the action of townsfolk, sifting  fragments for the record.
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