When most people think about great movies, their first thought may be Hollywood. Canada, however, has had its fair share of success in this industry. This site is dedicated to Canada’s contribution to film and TV production. Here, interested readers will find a collection of information that will enlighten them and perhaps encourage them to find a career in this industry. For those that do have an interest in it, they will find that Canada is a great place to pursue it. Some of the highlights that are going to be found here include:

Famous Canadian Movies

To support the claim that Canada fares well in the movie industry, it means highlighting some of the most famous Canadian movies. Quite often, there are movies that are filmed in Canada, and viewers don’t realize it. One of the reasons that Canada is such a popular location is because of the diversity in its landscape. When it comes to producing a Canadian made film, most often there is no need to go outside of the country to find prime locations. Many of the movies talked about in our exciting post here are ones that are considered to be classic and iconic. They are still important and highly recognized today. They can be contributed to the fact that they helped to build the foundation of the film industry in Canada.

Famous Canadian Actors

There are many different components that go into the production of a film. There would be no such thing if it were not for the actors and actresses who make these films come alive. There are many that could be talked about. To keep our post short, we have highlighted those that most people will recognize. There is a little bit about them and how they contributed to the Canadian film industry.

Famous Directors

Writing an article about famous Canadian directors could be one that is spread over many pages. Our post has narrowed this down to a few of the numerous directors that have made movies and productions that have brought great pleasure to many. Readers should find this post to be interesting, as it gives a short history of the ones chosen to be highlighted. Both men and women directors have been given equal attention in this post because both genders have achieved a great deal to contribute to this industry in Canada. What is most interesting is that many of them started out in their careers with humble beginnings. It is intriguing to see what led them down this journey of becoming directors.

Top 10 Film Schools

Canada recognizes the importance of this industry on many different levels. It does all that it can to support it. The future of the industry is important, and Canada has many film schools, many of which are recognized worldwide. Canada is often a favorite choice of many international students that want to have a career in the film industry.

To further educate readers as to what is available to them, there is a very informative post here. It outlines ten of the top schools to be found in Canada. However, this is not an exhaustive list, as there are several others that could be added. It is a great starting point for those who are interested in making film their career. It gives a short outline of the education rosters that the schools are offering. This allows interested readers to see how diversified these schools are in what they have to offer.

Hopefully, this site is going to be most valuable to those who have a keen interest in the film industry in Canada.